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Online Gambling: The Most Reliable Information Regarding the Industry

A quick search on the web will surely bring you many sites that offer information concerning gambling. However, unfortunately, most of them contain distorted or outdated information, and even those sites that provide reliable data are not always useful and interesting for users.

Our approach is certainly different from the rest of the sites. We provide the most popular and interesting gambling news, honest reviews of diverse gambling establishments, unique tips regarding games of chance, as well as share the most curious details of famous players’ lives.

Whatever information regarding gambling you are searching for, you will certainly find it at our online magazine. You can be confident that LoginCasino is completely reliable and has a crystal clear reputation.

The most useful guide on how to gamble online

LoginCasino is a trusted online gambling world guide. We offer our users reviews of popular casinos, and they are based on comprehensive researches, as well as rigorous testing. Thus, before providing you with an overview of a gambling establishment, we take into account a wide range of essential factors.

In addition to the reviews, we provide our users with information concerning everything that the gambling establishments offer (poker, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and so on). At our online magazine, you will find a lot of valuable pieces of advice and curious data from experienced experts who have a good knowledge of gambling. We aim to ensure that your gambling experience is as good as you have expected, whether you are a novice or an experienced player.

Moreover, our site contains interesting information about some other topics: sports, cryptocurrency, and eSports (our enthralling cybersports news will certainly be interesting for you). Our experts work diligently to provide the latest data regarding these fields.

The process of legalizing online gambling in diverse countries

Gambling online in the USA: is it legal?

Gambling activities are allowed in the United States but this field still faces numerous legal restrictions. The reason consists in the fact that every state of the country has its own laws regarding both land-based and virtual casinos.

Not only the Federal Government regulates the gambling industry in the country. Every state passes its laws in order to control the activity of gambling establishments.

Earlier, gambling was legal only in two states, and in other ones, games of chance were banned. However, the modern market has faced some changes. Currently, land-based casinos are allowed almost everywhere. But how are things going with virtual gambling in the United States?

 Virtual gambling activities are currently allowed by law in the following states:

  • New Jersey is now considered the biggest market for legal gambling on the Internet in the United States. According to experts, this market is worth over two hundred and twenty-five million dollars a year. In the state, there are more than a dozen licensed virtual casino sites, as well as poker rooms (do not forget to read the most interesting poker news at our online magazine), that compete for customers.
  • Nevada became the pioneer of legal Internet gambling in the country. However, at present, players are allowed to try only a few options: poker and sports betting via mobile applications.
  • Michigan turned out to be the fourth state to legalize all 3 verticals: virtual gambling establishments, poker, and sports betting.  The corresponding legislation was signed off the previous year.
  • Pennsylvania is considered the biggest state to make gambling on Internet legal. Besides, in the state, players have the opportunity to try both online poker and sports betting.
  • West Virginia is another state where mobile betting on sport is allowed by law.

It should be also noted that some US states are considering the idea of making gambling on Internet legal. They are:

  • California has been making efforts to pass a bill to legalize online poker for a long time. Virtual gambling establishments have never been a part of the conversation, though betting on sports activities has been. Some experts do not seem quite optimistic about the expansion of gambling in California in the nearest future but lawmakers have achieved success in finding common ground with state tribes.
  • New York. The state has already made retail betting on sports activities legal but online wagering is not still regulated. By the way, at LoginCasino, you will find a lot of betting news about diverse states of the US.
  • In recent years, Massachusetts has already floated a number of bills to make gambling on the Internet legalized and regulated.

Guide to online gambling in the UK

Virtual gambling activities are allowed by law in the United Kingdom. This field is regulated by the Gambling Commission (it was created on the basis of the Gambling Act 2005). The regulatory body controls such areas as betting on sports, bingo, virtual poker, casino games, as well as games that are similar to a lottery. All those who want to offer these activities to citizens of the United Kingdom must get permission from the body exercising a regulatory function.

This means that people from the UK have a wide range of licensed and reliable gambling sites to select from. Unlike some other states, the authorities of the UK do not criminalize gambling on the Internet. Instead, they promote a safe environment with diverse measures of protection for both players and operators.

In many countries of the world, laws regarding gambling are considered to be vague and quite contradictory. However, this isn’t the case in the United Kingdom – the Gambling Act 2005 has provided a clear framework for online gambling activities. Thus, in order to become a player, you just need to be at least eighteen years and have a connection to the Internet.

Online gambling in Canada: is it allowed by law?

Betting and playing at gambling establishments for real money are considered to be some of the most popular activities among people living in Canada. However, according to some experts, laws regarding land-based gambling establishments are quite complicated.

The situation seems even more complex when it concerns virtual gambling activities. As for a player's perspective, it is actually not unlawful to play at virtual casinos, and authorities of the country have already legalized almost all forms of online gambling. However, local companies are not allowed to operate virtual gambling establishments and poker rooms in Canada, but we face the paradox – the largest number of offshore gaming servers are located on the Kahnawake Mohawk native reserve, which is on the territory of the country.

Internet-based operations connected with gambling have always caused difficulties for the Canadian law system. Authorities of the country opposed regulation of such activities until the 1960s when the Government provided provinces with the right to decide whether to make gambling legal on their territory. After that, some provinces started to hold lotteries and construct some gambling establishments.

Up to date, every province in Canada is entitled to legalize different types of gambling that might be operated via a computer on their respective territories.

Regulations regarding virtual casinos in Spain

The first thing you should be aware of is that online gambling is legal in Spain. Besides, in contrast to other European states, laws concerning virtual casinos in Spain are less strict since they permit all kinds of gambling activities within the whole country's territory. However, this does not mean that the authorities of the country do not control much and players can do everything they want.

The main regulating body in the country is General Directorate for Gambling Regulation and the main law in this industry is the Spanish Gambling Act (it was adopted in 2011). All virtual casinos working on the territory of Spain must get a license from the government. When it comes to online gambling authority in the Kingdom of Spain, there are two diverse options. If a casino works only in one region, it can be regulated by the local regional authorities. If the gambling site provides its services in two or more regions, it is regulated by the State.

As in most countries of the world, in order to be able to play at a virtual gambling establishment in Spain, you need to be at least eighteen years old.

More information about Australian online gambling

It is generally accepted that Australians are among the most gambling nations in the world. In general, gamblers in this country have access to diverse gambling activities available on the web. They are free to gamble at diverse sites and try there various games, including poker, slots, video poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack. Besides, a large number of betting platforms are available in Australia.

While the government of the country tries to define its own regulations concerning international virtual casinos and poker sites, gamblers are still free to utilize those sites with no risk of prosecution in any form. Authorities of Australia are still amending the laws and forming them to follow the latest technology and succumb to players’ demand.

LoginCasino – the best online gamble site

We strive to help our reads to stay informed on a number of fields.  Therefore, our online gambling magazine provides access to such information:

  • Detailed reviews of casinos (in addition to the recent casino news from different countries)
  • Useful strategies, tricks, and tips
  • Guides for diverse types of gambling activities
  • Sports forecasts
  • Overviews of the cryptocurrency markets
  • Curious details of the popular eSports tournaments

We have tried to make the navigation on LoginCasino as simple as possible and introduced several sections. Below, you will find information regarding some of them.

Information about casino online gambling

Since LoginCasino is an online gambling magazine, we provide our users with interesting information concerning land-based and virtual casinos, activities that are available at such establishments, for instance, poker, roulette, blackjack and tips at them.

Sports gamble online and making bets

Betting on different sports events is becoming extremely popular. Being aware of this, our experts, who know everything about the sport, prepare forecast on diverse competitions spending much time analyzing opponents, their previous matches, and physical conditions. Also, follow the most popular sports news at LoginCasino.

A helpful guide on how to gamble slots online

Every week, we prepare a detailed overview of the most popular slot machines which will surely be interesting for you. In such reviews, you will find information on their RTP, the number of paylines and reels so it will be easy for you to select the favorite one.

The latest news at LoginCasino

One of our team’s main goals is to keep you informed on the most interesting news regarding gambling. Thus, at our online magazine, you will find data about:

  • New regulations and amendments to gambling laws in diverse countries
  • Opening and closing of casinos
  • Changes in gambling markets in the states where games are legal
  • Details of gambling conferences, shows, and other events

Answers to the most common questions about virtual gambling

You will find detailed answers to all the most popular questions about gambling in the articles on our website. Below, we will just provide answers to a few common questions.

Is it safe to gamble online?

Virtual gambling activities are considered one of the best forms of entertainment. A lot of people gamble online and do not face any negative consequences. The most important thing is to find a reliable casino with a wide range of interesting offers.

Is online gambling legal?

This is a tricky question since everything depends on the laws of the selected countries. Thus, before looking for a virtual casino to enjoy various games, you need to look for more information regarding online gambling laws in your country and find out if there are any restrictions. If everything is fine and online gambling is allowed by law in the country where you live, you can start playing.

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