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General information
Welcome to – an online magazine dedicated to sports, gambling, cryptocurrency, and eSports. Irrespective of whether you are a novice or a person with experience in these fields, you have certainly chosen the right place to visit. is operated by a team of experts who know everything about the most popular sports in the world and their representatives’ major achievements, the best virtual and land-based gambling establishments, the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in, as well as the most interesting options from the best game developers. If you also want to keep abreast of this information, is the site you need to bookmark.
Our mission and values

Our mission is to provide our users with:

  • the latest information regarding sports, cryptocurrency, gambling, eSport industries;
  • valuable pieces of advice;
  • honest reviews of casinos and games.

We are a values-driven company. Based on our mission, our core values are:

High-quality service to others:
players, gambling establishments, representatives of various fields. We truly believe that will be successful only if our users become successful.
We guarantee that all our reviews are backed by data-driven researches, authors’ expert knowledge, as well as our team is providing you with the most recent and honest news.
Thinking big
Being one of the world’s leading online gambling magazines requires innovation and unrivaled vision. We never settle — in all things we do, we challenge our views to better meet the needs of our users.
Making a difference every day
We constantly aspire to better and we work every single day to make a positive impact on your lives through our experience and efforts.
What do we do?

We are an independent online magazine providing information on sports, gambling, eSports and cryptocurrency. Besides, we are media partners of the well-known gambling market events, as well as those dedicated to eSports.

Here is the exact list of materials we provide you with:

News on gambling
The gambling industry is developing quickly. In order to keep you updated on these changes, we fully cover all significant and interesting events taking place in the industry.
News on poker
Poker is so fast-paced and popular that we decided to dedicate a separate section to it at our online magazine. From now on, you don't have to spend a ton of time to find information about the various poker tournaments and their winners – we've put it together in one place for you.
Esports news
Beyond any doubts, this field is attracting more and more attention. A large number of new tournaments and rising stars, impressive technologies…it is so easy to get confused in all this. Just do not worry – thanks to our online magazine, you will not miss any important information regarding eSports.
News on cryptocurrency
You do not have enough time to monitor how quickly the value of different cryptocurrencies changes, don’t you? Thus, following, stay up to date with the latest news on major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others.
Sports news
You will keep abreast of the results of the latest sports competitions, the most curious details of well-known athletes’ and coaches’ careers and personal lives.
Sports forecasts
At, you will find forecasts for diverse sports that will help you to make a successful bet. All forecasts are based on statistics and our experts’ opinions.
Interviews with the industry’s experts
Familiarize yourself with our interesting interviews with famous experts from diverse countries of the world to get a deeper understanding of the legal issues and modern trends in the gambling industry.
Articles and reviews on diverse topics
You no longer have to look for a lot of information about diverse casinos, gambling activities and markets, video games, the most popular sports and so on – our experts have collected all the necessary information in one place.

Our team

At present, the following authors work tirelessly to provide you with the most interesting information:
Ivanna Shostak
Ivanna, our editor-in-chief, has been working in the gambling industry for more than 5 years. She has conducted interviews with a few dozens of top e-sportsmen, written 82 analytical articles on gambling and cryptocurrency
Rode Arteaga
Rode is our main eSports expert. He has prepared more than 60 reviews of diverse games and provided information on the most exciting events in the e ports industry
Catherine Lysenko
Catherine is an author of 80 materials on various subject areas, including, sports, games of chance, and lottery. Besides, she has managed to conduct successfully dozens of interviews with well-known representatives of the gambling industry.
Hanna Nagrebelna
Hanna is an author with vast experience and numerous publications regarding eSports. She will keep you informed on how well this industry is running.
Andy Hernádez
Andy began to work in this industry in 2018. He is an author of 35 analytical materials regarding eSports and various gambling establishments.
Maxim Plaksin
For 3 years, Maxim has been providing insights into sport competition using video games. He is an author of numerous reviews of games falling into all major genres.
Aleksander Kud
Aleksander is a sports journalist with a huge experience in this field. He is engaged in the search and the analysis of information about sporting events, as well as preparation of the sports-related articles.
Artem Belevtsov
Artem is our content manager. His responsibilities include filling the site with text, graphic and other types of information that will be useful and easy to read for our users.
The story of
Created on 2019-05-23
Our site creator was Barcelona native José Jiménez. As a gambling expert, José felt the urgent need to create аn online magazine that would provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about gambling markets of diverse countries of the world, law changes in the industry, land-based and virtual casinos. It has long been known that if you want to do something right, do it yourself. José also decided to follow this rule – this is how appeared.

We celebrated our 1st anniversary.

José finally formed the editorial staff, which included real experts in the field of gambling who were ready to work tirelessly to provide credible information regarding the industry. continued to evolve since we felt that our users needed more than just news and articles. Thus, at our site, we introduced a new section – interviews. Since then, the most famous experts in the gambling field have provided insights into the most exciting trends of the industry.

Thousands of published news and articles, hundreds of interviews, a large number of events in which we have participated as a media partner…it sounds amazing, isn’t it? But we are not going to stop here. We will prepare more interesting materials of even higher quality.

Our current address is Av. Diagonal, 409, 1st floor, 08008 Barcelona.
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