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Will COVID Facilitate European Football Premier League Creation?

21 October 2020, 12:16
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After the unsuccessful attempt to reorganize the English football pyramid, big clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United are seeking alternative cash sources. It returned the discussion about the creation of the football Super League. Industry insiders report that there should be 18 clubs from top-5 European countries that will form the European Premier League.

Will COVID Facilitate European Football Premier League Creation?

The coronavirus pandemic's negative outcomes are far from being final, and the wealthiest football clubs renewed the conversation about the creation of the European Premier League. Login Casino sports news has reported about the failure of the project 'Big Picture' that was initiated by Liverpool and Manchester United. Now, it seems that top football clubs are examining the possibility of creating the European Premier League.

How can the creation of the European Super League help top football clubs?

Even before the pandemic outbreak, the best football clubs in Europe have been looking to reform the broadcasting rights that bring the most revenue. All national football competitions looked at the English Premier League as the primary business body that takes billions from broadcasting. The importance of selling television rights can also be seen in Spain, where Barcelona and Real Madrid have been selling their own matches separately from the other teams, and revenues have been spread disproportionally. One has to understand that small clubs in lower leagues earn more money from selling tickets than from broadcasting.

Problems of creating the European Super League

European Super League

Among the primary obstacles of such new competition is the need to leave national leagues, which means returning to state tournaments passing the whole pyramid from the bottom (it can be ten stages). The issue of exchangeability is another crucial element as creating a closed community will decrease the interest in it in some time. Applying the American system (like in NBA) looks impossible as the sporting vertical is built differently, which makes the implementation of draft picks or things alike inapplicable.

The only variant of its implementation can be replacing the UEFA Champions League. It means that clubs will have time to compete in two tournaments simultaneously, receive some exchangeability if needed, and earn plenty of cash from broadcasting. Not surprisingly, but insiders reported about the UEFA interest in such a new format under its ruling.

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