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Wilder or Joshua: Which Deal Is Closer for Fury to Be Next?

12 March 2021, 13:29
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Fury's latest claims brought plenty of confusion to the heavyweight boxing division as the "Gypsy King" revealed quite controversial thoughts. The LoginCasino team follows the latest sports news, presenting the recent statements and explaining them.

Wilder or Joshua: Which Deal Is Closer for Fury to Be Next?

The latest appearance of Tyson Fury in the media confused the situation concerning his next fight. While the public waits for the top clash between the "Gypsy King" and Anthony Joshua, Fury revealed some other variants for the nearest time.

Fury wants to fight twice in 2021

The most promising for the real boxing fans were Fury's words that he wanted to fight twice in 2021. Being a charismatic fighter, the "Gypsy King" doesn't care who will be the opponents. As his last opponent was Deontay Wilder more than a year ago, there is no doubt that an experienced boxer wants to be active. Even though the trilogy with the "Bronze Bomber" was eliminated in 2020, Fury was close to facing Agit Kabayel the same year in December, but the fight didn't happen.

Fury is good in calculating profits

While the first claim sounded perfect for boxing fans, the following one is way more pessimistic. One of the core claims in the latest interview was that Fury wouldn't fight without a huge money offer for the bout. That was probably the reason to cancel the fight with Kabayel; it would definitely become the problem for the next fights.

Nonetheless, all those discussions are related to Anthony Joshua in any event. Thus, the "Gypsy King" has looked pretty disappointed that their deal with AJ is far from being done at the moment. However, it opens additional options that can bring a lot of money.

Can Wilder be next?

Even though Fury has been rather peremptory in his claims concerning the third fight with Wilder, now he has changed the tone. The British giant understands that postponing the fight with AJ will only increase the unification bout's bankroll, and it makes a lot of sense for him. In this regard, the "Gypsy King" doesn't exclude facing even Wilder, which can help in building long-lasting profitable plans.

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