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Why Did Tyson Refuse to Compete in a Bare-Knuckle Fight?

22 July 2020, 10:32
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The announcement that Mike Tyson had decided not to participate in a bare-knuckle bout appeared in all sports news articles this week. The retired boxer could get twenty million dollars for this fight.

Why Did Tyson Refuse to Compete in a Bare-Knuckle Fight?

It remains unclear whether Tyson is really going to return to the boxing ring or just plays with his fans. The exhibition bare-knuckle fight could become a good chance for him to make an epic return. It has been scheduled for July, but now there are no doubts that it won’t happen.

The reasons why Iron Mike turned down the proposal

Of course, the refusal of such a huge sum of money seems very strange to ordinary people. However, it makes absolute sense for the boxer. Such an expensive offer is a heavy responsibility and high risk for him, along with a perfect opportunity to come into the spotlight again. Mike should be ready not only for victory but also for failure. That is why this offer is “double-trouble” for him: a highly paid match during which the sportsman should show that he is worth this money and a much-awaited comeback with millions of fans watching it.

Anyway, Mike chooses a safer position and hypes with his training videos that get millions of views. The boxer has proved that he is in good shape, and his blows have the same power as many years ago. These videos bring him popularity and attract fans’ attention to his personality but it is still not enough. Tyson should confirm in the ring that his fights and return are worthy of big money.

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