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WBC Created Special Belt for Tyson vs. Jones Bout

27 October 2020, 12:23
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The WBC boxing organization decided to develop the special belt for the upcoming match between Roy Jones Jr and Mike Tyson. The representatives made the WBC Frontline Battle belt that will be at stake in the eight-round match between the boxing veterans. According to the latest sports news, fans don't widely support the decision to add another belt and confusion to the boxing classification.

WBC Created Special Belt for Tyson vs. Jones Bout

The veteran boxing battle between Roy Jones Jr and Mike Tyson, which is set on November 28, will be held for the real WBC belt. This boxing organization decided to create a special prize for the winner and upgrade the upcoming match's status. The strap is called WBC Frontline Battle, which looks rather similar to other WBC titles.

Is the WBC Frontline Battle belt an official one?

The specifics of this title lies in the plain of the fight between veterans. As Tyson and Jones are both legendary boxers, the organization has decided to add official status and viewers' interest to the clash, producing the specific belt. Of course, it will not change the recent situation with the number of belts in the heavyweight division. At the same time, almost everyone understands that none of the boxers is ready to fight for the real belt in the division, as young lions can easily show all the weaknesses of the aged fighters.

Even though the “Frontline Battle” element makes the difference in this belt's perception, its existence brings some confusion. As the title looks rather similar to other WBC boxing prizes, an inexperienced fan can think that one of the veterans can win a real title.

Are there any problems with the number of titles in boxing?

Interestingly, but the issue of the number of belts in boxing is another hot topic nowadays. Thus, a famous promoter, Eddie Hearn, has stated that there are too many belts in boxing, which brings confusion. An inexperienced fan cannot really understand who is the primary champion in the weight division, especially if there are four or five title-holders simultaneously. Hearn suggests looking at UFC, where there is only one title in every weight class, and one can easily understand the situation with champions and contenders.

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7 November 2020

Why not call it the 'VETERAN'S BELT'

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