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US Open 2019: Nadal Reaches Semi-finals

5 September 2019, 12:56
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Spanish second seed has managed to defeat Schwartzman in the quarter-final, therefore he still has a viable chance of winning the US Open 2019.

US Open 2019: Nadal Reaches Semi-finals

Rafa Nadal won 6-4, 7-5, 6-2 against Diego Schwartzman. The Spaniard’s next game will be with an Italian tennis player Matteo Barrettini.

Except for Nadal, for all other semi-finalists – Medvedev, Barrettini, and Dimitrov – reaching Grand Slam final would be the first time in their lives.

Despite previous losses, the Spaniard managed to pull himself together and accepted the tough challenge.

However, it’s not only the prize that attracts Nadal. Over the past eleven years, the trophy has been changing three owners – Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal. The champ of the previous year (Djokovic) retired from the game against Wawkinka because of a shoulder injury, while Federer lost to Dimitrov in quarter-finals. Therefore, the Spanish star has every chance to move within one of Federer's tally.

As mentioned earlier, Rafael Nadal expressed his opinion concerning the new prospective player in the world of tennis.

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