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UEFA Could Fine Players for Removing the Sponsors’ Drinks

18 June 2021, 14:07
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The UEFA board has warned football players of possible repercussions for removing drinks during the official press conferences. This statement comes after several footballers have misplaced the bottles with drinks, provided by sponsors, at the EURO 2020 briefings.

UEFA Could Fine Players for Removing the Sponsors’ Drinks

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As Login Casino previously reported in the sports news section, the Portuguese team captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, was first to replace his Coca-Cola bottles with plain water, causing a 4 billion loss for the company.

French player Paul Pogba has followed in Ronaldo’s footsteps, withdrawing an alcohol-free beer from the table during the briefing the next day. Pogba, however, practices Islam, so this could be a religious issue.

Manuel Locatelli, an Italian midfield, was the third player in three consecutive days to reject his drink, removing two bottles of Cola from the camera shot at a press event this Wednesday.

UEFA reminded players of their obligations

UEFA head, Martin Kallen, was quick to react on the matter, highlighting the significance of sponsorships for the European tournament.

Kallen has also reminded the EURO 2020 teams that they have to follow the regulations, signed by national football federations. Sanctions can be imposed if the players fail to do so. UEFA, however, does not view Pogba’s action as misconduct, as the French midfield may have rejected a Heineken beer for religious reasons.

While UEFA itself is not going to fine players, disciplinary actions can be taken from the national federation side.

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