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Tyson Fury: “I’m almost Sure Wilder will Take a Rematch”

24 February 2020, 12:47
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After the long-awaited rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, in which Fury has won, now the Gypsy King is almost sure that his rival will want to win back. This Saturday became a failure for Wilder, as he lost to Fury in the seventh round.

Tyson Fury: “I’m almost Sure Wilder will Take a Rematch”

In his interviews after the rematch, Fury emphasizes that he won’t get away with this win because Deontay is a real fighter. The British boxer makes no doubt that his rival will come back after his recovery with renewed vigor and will want to have the third match. Fury said that this possible bout would take place at the Allegiant Stadium where two boxers would gather thousands of their fans.

Fury’s predictions to win the rematch weren’t an empty boast

As the Saturday’s rematch showed, Fury was a strong rival who could almost easily floor his opponent. Despite Wilder’s legendary right-hand delivery, the Gypsy King skillfully knocked him out. Fury carried himself well during the rematch, showing good dynamics. He became the first fighter within 30 bouts to floor Deontay thanks to his blow to the rival’s temple in the third round. However, it wasn’t the only hard blow in this rematch. Later, Fury delivered a clubbing blow that floored the American boxer again. Tyson continued his winning strategy with more strokes that led to blood from Wilder’s ear and, then, to his total defeat.

According to Hearn, Anthony Joshua’s promoter, nobody wants to spectate the third fight between these two boxers. Hearn is sure that the bout between two British sportsmen is a more interesting show to watch. Joshua has the WBO, WBA, IB, IBO belts and his promoter considers him to be a worthy opponent for Fury.

As mentioned earlier, Fury announced his new trainer – Javan “Sugar” Hill, a nephew of a famous American trainer and commentator.

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