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Tuchel Is Fired from PSG. Can Pochettino Obtain Messi?

30 December 2020, 11:38
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The runner-up of the last UEFA Champions League, PSG, fires their manager Thomas Tuchel. According to the rumors, the next head coach will be the Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino, who is free now. Login Casino follows the most shaking sports news and analyses the possible joining of another Argentinian – Lionel Messi.

Tuchel Is Fired from PSG. Can Pochettino Obtain Messi?

The bosses of the French football giant, Paris Saint-Germain, decided to fire the head coach Thomas Tuchel. Even though the rumors were rather persuasive during the previous week, the official confirmation came only yesterday, on December 29.

Although the German coach achieved crucial results with the team, a light fall in the results forced the owner to terminate the deal. Thus, the team met a Christmas vacation in third place in the Ligue 1, while the nervous way in the UCL group stage was really scary. At the same time, the official PSG’s Twitter account presented crucial achievements of their former coach, who showed the best average point/game rate (2.37) and win-rate (75.6%) in the Ligue 1 history.

Can Pochettino bring something new to PSG?

The Argentinian coach is free for more than a year after he has been fired from another UCL finalist – Tottenham Hotspurs. Media chose Mauricio as the contender for many top-coaching positions, including Real Madrid and Manchester United, when the teams were struggling. There are no doubts that Pochettino is hungry for work, and the star squad he’ll receive in France can win trophies and pretend for UCL victory.

Although the tactics discussions can be the primary topic for many analysts, PSG fans hope that Mauricio can persuade Messi to join the French giant. While Pochettino’s work in Barcelona is hard to imagine after his coaching place in Espanol (a Catalonian rival for Barca), the cooperation of Argentinians looks promising in PSG.

It can also finally fulfill the dream of Neymar and Messi, who have been aiming to rejoin for a couple of last seasons. Adding a rising star Mbappe to this duo can transform PSG into the most carrying attacking trio in the world’s football history. Even though Lionel wanted to leave Barcelona last summer, his joining PSG looks unlikely.

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