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Tiger Woods Shares His Secrets in “My Game” Video Series

22 August 2019, 13:26
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After becoming a world star, the American professional golfer decided to open up to the audience by launching a project dedicated to his career and lifestyle.

Tiger Woods Shares His Secrets in “My Game” Video Series

When the 21-years-old golfer took part in his first press conference at the Greater Milwaukee Open 1996, he opened it with the words “Hello, world!”. The world was then to get acquainted with a professional golf player Tiger Woods. And today, 23 years after that event, a world star Tiger Woods will open his secrets about how to achieve success in golf.

A project was agreed upon by GOLFTV and the athlete himself in November 2018. A video-streaming service acquired by Discovery last summer signed the multi-year contract with Woods, according to which the company would produce informative content about his life in golf.

Tiger was pleased to be able to talk to his fans by means of videos and reveal for them the golf nuances he was aware of. Woods promised to explain to them peculiarities of his strategy, skills, behavior, as well as ways to overcome the challenges in life.

In these videos, you will find out about how he spends his days, what his preparation looks like, as well as how to reach the top. The story of his life is definitely worth watching.

As mentioned earlier, Novak Djokovic revealed his deepest and most intimate secrets in Cincinnati.  

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