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The Major UCL Group Stage Intrigues: Messi Finally Meets Ronaldo

2 October 2020, 15:07
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The UEFA Champions League group stage was drawn yesterday, and the best European football teams finally knew their opponents for six obligatory battles. As all the squads are divided according to their club's and national rating, some of the groups look really intriguing. Login Casino presents a short overview of the matchups one has not to miss in autumn.

The Major UCL Group Stage Intrigues: Messi Finally Meets Ronaldo

On 1 October, the Swiss city Nyon became the primary target for football journalists who highlighted the latest sports news. Being the headquarter of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the city hosted a draw for the UEFA Champions League group stage, and some of the battles look promising.

Ronaldo will finally meet Messi in the UCL group stage

For more than a decade, the primary individual football rivalry was between the Argentinian and Portuguese superstars, who would finally compete against each other on the group stage of the Champions League. Barcelona and Juventus were drawn to the group G and the change of coaches before the seasons only adds the interest to this clash. Dynamo Kyiv and Ferencvaros are the other two teams in this group that will have a lower-bracket competition. Thus, the arrival of Sergiy Rebrov, a former Dynamo legend & coach who is now managing the Hungarian club, looks intriguing to the local Ukrainian community.

PSG vs. Manchester United. Or MU vs. RB Leipzig?

The quartet H can look even more interesting for the neutral football fan, as there are three competitive teams in this group. Of course, the last UCL finalist, Paris Saint-Germain, stands out in this company, but they won't have easy matches against the English and German clubs. If the French side shows their usual dominance in the group, the primary rivalry can be between MU and RB Leipzig, which are looking for vast European recognition. There is no doubt that the draw was too strict for Istanbul Basaksehir, the fourth team in the group.

Champions League

Will Real Madrid struggle against Inter Milan, Borussia Monchengladbach, and Shakhtar?

Probably, this is the most interesting group to watch as there are no easy opponents for anyone. Spanish and Italian grandees seem to be the primary rivalry in quartet B, but strong and well-organized Borussia will try to find itself in the play-off stage after six matches. The Ukrainian squad may look as the potential points' provider for the rest, but they have enough mastery to compete and poison others' plans. Knowing that Zinedine Zidane has begun a rebuild in Madrid, and Antonio Conte usually struggles enough on Europe's group stages, this crowd can be a headliner for sensations.

The attacking festival: Liverpool, Atalanta, and Ajax

The most attacking European football teams now meet in group D, which also has Midtjylland as the appetizing opponent for others. Of course, the Dutch unit faced profound squad changes during the last two years, but the central person for Ajax 2019 success was Erik ten Hag, who would be primarily thinking about the attack. Atalanta almost repeated the Dutch success in the last UCL, closely losing to PSG, but the received experience and the most scoring team's status in Italy look promising. Liverpool? After signing Alcantara and Jota, who will give more variety to the English champion's squad, Jurgen Klopp will definitely try to reach another UCL final and gain one more valuable trophy.


Bayern vs. Atlético, Sevilla vs. Chelsea, anything else interesting in the UCL 20/21?

There is no doubt that all the matches will have their dedicated audience, but the other groups look not so interesting for neutral football fans. Thus, group A is topped by Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid, while Salzburg and Lokomotiv Moscow seem to compete for the third Europa League's play-off place. The group E has a similar situation, where Sevilla and Chelsea should guarantee the UCL spring stage, while Krasnodar and Rennes are step-behind.

Group C, instead, has one dominant team Manchester City, while Porto, Olympiakos, and Marseille will determine the second play-off ticket in the UCL 2020-2021. Group F is another competitive company, where even Borussia Dortmund can lose their face as Lazio, Bruges, and Zenit St Petersburg can bring enough problems to an unstable German squad.

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