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Sergey Kovalev Saul Alvarez: the fight that will determine the future for each fighter

21 October 2019, 15:14
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Exactly one month is left to one of the most important fights in the heavyweight class: the participants are actively preparing for it while other sportsmen are making their predictions. November 2, 2019 will determine the fate of the WBO belt. Our material combines the most important information about the duel as well as why this fight is so crucial.

Sergey Kovalev Saul Alvarez: the fight that will determine the future for each fighter

Sergey Kovalev Canelo Alvarez will fight for the WBP championship belt

The Mexican and the Russian are completely different boxers in terms of both physical abilities, power and technical features. In other words, they have significant distinctions from their arm span and height to the number of fights each of them took part in as well as their experience in different weight classes.

Alvarez Kovalev boxing will become a real feast for the fans of this type of sport taking into account the fact that the Russian fighter has already almost finished his career. However, fortunately, he decided to make a present for his fans – one more amazing fight, for which purpose he has selected the most outstanding opponent.

Canelo Alvarez is one of the strongest boxers of our time. His track record consists of 52 fights, though he is only 29! In fact, Kovalev (36) has had 38 fights so far, three of which he lost. Canelo was luckier – he has lost one time in his career when he was only 23 years old. In that fight, according to the judges’ decision, unbeatable Floyd Mayweather became the winner.

Obviously, the Mexican is currently a ‘front-runner’. However, the experienced Sergey should not be put out to pasture. The 36-year-old Russian is well-known for his powerful knockout, due to which the WBO world champion has been nicknamed ‘Krusher’.

Currently, Alvarez is the champion title holder according to WBC, WBC, a middleweight champion according to The Ring as well as a regular world champion (super middleweight, WBA).

In case of victory in this fight, Alvarez will be able to receive one more belt which belongs to Kovalev. Last February Kovalev managed to take the WBO world champion belt away from Saul’s namesake Eleider. On August 24, 2019, the Russian had his next fight when he managed to defend his title.

It should be noted that the duel with a 29-year old Mexican will become the third one this year for Sergey, while the break between the last and the upcoming fights will be a bit more than two months.

Kovalev Alvarez fight: other boxers’ predictions and more

Recently mass media have been publishing more and more comments of other boxers regarding the fight we are currently interested in. Mikey Garcia was among those who expressed his opinion – the ex-world champion in four weight classes. According to the American, choosing such a powerful opponent is a smart strategic move: the Mexican understands that Kovalev’s best years are gone. Besides, Canelo’s victory will become the source of extra points and a good money prize.

One more Saul’s supporter is Andre Ward, who said that “Kovalev is not a Krusher anymore”. However, Gennady Golovkin has not chosen any of them as a favorite. He just enumerated both boxers’ strong points: Alvarez feels comfortable in this weight class while Kovalev’s advantage is height and the number of potential bonuses, plus a significant amount of fee.

Regarding Kovalev vs Alvarez boxing and bets on their fight, bookmakers’ forecasts are pretty much alike. For instance, 1xStavka provides the following odds: Kovalev – 4.32, draw – 28, Alvarez – 28. Odds of the betting company Liga Stavok are more contrasting: Kovalev – 4.2, draw – 30, Alvarez – 1.2.

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