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Security to Be on the First Place in F1

6 September 2019, 10:18
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According to Sebastian Vettel, Scuderia Ferrari’s racing driver, it would be better if Formula 1 was less spectacular but much safer. The sportsman made this announcement in view of the recent Formula 2 tragedy in Belgium.

Security to Be on the First Place in F1

Last Saturday a French racer Antoine Hubert got into a fatal F2 car crash after the American driver Juan Correa smashed into his vehicle. Hubert died while Correa broke both legs and received a spinal injury. Investigations into the terrible accident have already been started and the racer’ car that the Frenchman avoided before bumping into barriers has been expropriated by the Belgian law-enforcement authorities.

Besides, one of the topics discussed after the F2 tragedy was the use of asphalt run-off areas. Suggestions were made that gravel traps could limit the risks and prevent the racing car from bouncing back on track after an accident.

The world champion Sebastian Vettel said that he would rather F1 was a boring show if it could bring Hubert back.

As mentioned earlier, Lewis Hamilton received a challenge to compete with a motorcycle racer, Marc Marquez.

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