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Retirement after Astonishing Win: Khabib Ends the UFC Career

26 October 2020, 13:05
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Khabib Nurmagomedov gave two reasons to speak about him during the UFC 254 fight night show. The first was his dominant win over Justin Gaethje in the second round with submission due to a triangle choke. The second was Khabib's announcement of the retirement just in the aftermath interview. Both reasons have shocked the latest sports news, and Login Casino reviews the UFC 254 main event.

Retirement after Astonishing Win: Khabib Ends the UFC Career

Khabib is the greatest P4P MMA right now

The situation before the bout was promising and not only because the UFC lightweight belt was at stake. Even though the Russian fighter was showing undisputed wins in all his previous 28 bouts and was never in the knockout, Justin Gaethje seemed to be a dangerous opponent. The American mixed martial artist has tough punches and low kicks, which has seemed to be a dangerous combination for a more wrestling-like Nurmagomedov.

The American fighter tried to start the bout actively, but Khabib in a minute showed who would be dominating in the octagon. At the end of the first round, Nurmagomedov even tried to finish the fight with his wrestling tricks, but the time ended. However, in the second round, the Russian fighter has shown why he is among the best UFC representatives right now. Active attack with the opponent on the canvas, and just in a few seconds, Khabib's legs are around Justin's neck. A few more seconds and Gaethje asks to stop the fight and even looks faint. This pure and dominant win has shown why Nurmagomedov is the best in MMA and can be considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Why does Nurmagomedov retire being so strong at the moment?


According to the aftermath interview, Khabib promised his mother that it would be his last fight. Earlier this year, he lost his father, who was a spiritual coach of the lightweight champion. That was the first and the last octagon appearance of the Russian without his father. An emotional reaction to the win showed how he missed the best preceptor, while during the fight, there were no signs of weakness. Nurmagomedov praised everyone in his team, and in the UFC overall, that gave him a chance to show his best and left his gloves in the middle of the octagon.

Gaethje didn't look crushed after the bout and showed his respect to the Russian. However, now he should be focused on the next title fight as the lightweight bout now is vacant, while Justin will be a contender. It opens an exciting continuation of the lightweight competition as the return of Conor McGregor to UFC may finish with another great battle between the Irish and American.

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