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Renewed UEFA Champions League Format Is Postponed

31 March 2021, 12:01
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The discussion of the new format for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) was close to agreeing, but football officials decided to take a pause and collect more arguments. Possible changes to the most popular football clubs' tournament are the hottest sports news at the moment.

Renewed UEFA Champions League Format Is Postponed

On Wednesday, March 31, UEFA officials planned to approve the UEFA Champions League's renewed format. However, the sources confirm that this decision is set on pause as the sides (countries' federations) require more arguments for the idea.

The essence of the renewed format

The initial aim of the renewed format is to make the tournament more competitive. Officials suggested a Swiss system instead of the recent group stage of the UCL with eight groups of four and two first places to the play-off stage. This approach means that teams will be playing with equal opponents in every round, which has to decrease the number of uninteresting matches between underdogs and favorites.

What are the key problems?

However, this idea requires 36 participants and eight to ten matches for the clubs. Thus, the top eight teams are going to a traditional play-off stage after eight matches, while the places from 9 to 24 are playing an additional round to define the other eight teams that go to the last-16 stage.

This system means from two to four additional matches during autumn (compared to the recent group stage) and automatically cuts the time for holding the national championships. Thus, English clubs receive almost no time to play internal cups, which is a serious obstacle. Also, the sides didn't agree with advertising aspects, so went to review the format.

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