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Real Madrid’s First Win in the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League

23 October 2019, 12:28
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In the match of the third round of the UEFA Champions League group stage, Real Madrid played against Galatasaray in Istanbul. “Los Blancos” defeated the hosts thanks to the goal scored by Toni Kroos.

Real Madrid’s First Win in the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League

According to the media, shortly before the match, Zidane was informed that an unsatisfactory result in Turkey would put an end to his career at the helm of Real Madrid. The manager certainly did not want to lose his prestigious job, and the players supported him in this desire.

Although the match did not end with a lopsided score (the only goal was shot by Kroos at the eighteenth minute), the Spanish team played well and only Muslera’s good performance did not allow “Los Merengues” to score more goals. Besides, Real Madrid has to work more on converting chances: the team shot at the host’s goal twenty-six times and scored only one goal.

For Galatasaray, it has become the eighth match in the UEFA Champions League without victories.

Real Madrid's win moves them up to the second place in Group A. Paris St-Germain remain the leaders of the group.

As mentioned earlier, the Spanish national football team qualified for Euro 2020 thanks to a draw 1-1 in the match against Sweden.

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