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Rafael Nadal on the Tennis Rising Star

5 August 2019, 14:06
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Despite being one of the world best tennis players, Nadal admits that the new generation of talented sportsmen is already looking over his shoulder.

Rafael Nadal on the Tennis Rising Star

The object of Nadal’s admiration is an 18-year-old Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime, a new Next Gen ATP star. The tennis players met each other at the 2019 Mutua Madrid Open in the first FedEx ATP Head2Head meeting. In that duel experience defeated youth and Nadal came out on top.

Nevertheless, commenting on the game, Nadal said that he would love to see Felix winning the top prize because Auger-Aliassime really deserved it.

The first biggest achievement in Nadal’s professional career was fourteen years ago when he defeated Agassi in the same event. At that time Rafael was only 19. Rafa emphasizes that it is not so important who the adversary is. Talented players will always be on this list, that is why it is essential to do one’s best irrespective of the potential competitor. Despite his knee problem, Nadal chooses concentrating on the circle of his influence: opponent, ball, the best possible result he can achieve, and in what way he can do it.


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