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Private Talks: Bale Asked Zidane Not to Include Him in the Real Madrid Squad

7 August 2020, 11:40
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The information about the absence of Real Madrid’s winger Gareth Bale has appeared in recent sports news. The club’s manager Zinedine Zidane explained why the player wouldn’t participate in the match against Manchester City.

Private Talks: Bale Asked Zidane Not to Include Him in the Real Madrid Squad

According to Zidane, Bale refused to be a part of the Real Madrid squad during the 1/8 match. The manager emphasizes that the winger has made the decision to skip this game himself. However, Bale, in his turn, is sure that he won’t be able to play for Real Madrid while Zidane manages it.

“The rest remains between me and him”

The manager didn’t speak much about Gareth’s decision to be omitted from the match. In his interview, he only said that Bale had asked him not to be included in the game. Zidane didn’t want to provide more comments on the situation, noting that it had been a private talk. He has added that they have trust-based relations, and Bale is still a Real player.

Although Zidane is insisting that he respects Bale as well as other players, some experts say that Bale has preferred to refuse because his chances to play are slight. Anyway, Zidane’s explanations can’t disprove the fact that the manager and the winger have had a lot of conflicts.

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