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Premier League Clubs Bid Goodbye to European Super League

21 April 2021, 11:04
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The introduction of the European Super League caused a sensation in the football world. Clubs that had joined it were discussed in all sports news articles.

Premier League Clubs Bid Goodbye to European Super League

However, joy has turned into lots of conflicts and problems for football clubs that supported the competition. Some of them succumbed to panic and decided to quit the newly formed league.

Big Six backed down

As it was revealed, all the 6 Premier League teams had left the tournament. Manchester City was the first to announce that it would reconsider its current position due to its participation in the league. This has put many other matches important for players at risk as UEFA, FIFA and other authorities have a negative attitude to the new competition format.

Other teams followed the Citizens’ lead and also left the European Super League. Interestingly, every club (and some players) has its own explanations and excuses for the decision. Manchester United, for example, hides behind the importance of fans’ attitude, while Arsenal has even apologized for joining. Now the European Super League has the aim to revamp the project and make it not so contradictory.

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