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New Date for the Tyson-Jones Jr. Bout Is Announced

10 August 2020, 11:03
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The information about the new date for the Tyson-Jones Jr. fight spread out in all sports news. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that fans will have a chance to be present there.

New Date for the Tyson-Jones Jr. Bout Is Announced

The exhibition bout between two legendary boxers was scheduled on September 12 initially. However, according to some reliable sources, this much-awaited show will take place later. Tyson’s representatives decided to postpone it because of money. In their opinion, they will generate more money if the bout will be held on another date.

When will the fight take place?

The fight is going to take place on November 28 under the same conditions as it has been planned before. It means that boxing fans won’t be able to watch it being present at the venue. Crowds of viewers are still prohibited, so the organizers won’t be able to hold the match with the audience, even if they decide to postpone it.

Jones Jr. supports the idea of the bout delay. It will be the first fight for the 51-year-old boxer after his 2018’s match against Scott Sigmon. As for Mike Tyson, he decided to come out of retirement, and the list of boxers, who would like to compete against him, was very long. “Iron Mike” chose Roy Jones Jr., although he had the opportunity to meet his former rival, Evander Holyfield, in the ring. At the same time, the rules of the exhibition bout don’t allow boxers to knock each other out, they can have only sparring.

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