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Mourinho Leaves Spurs, Team Losses to Man City

26 April 2021, 11:02
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One of the most much-discussed topics in sports news is Mourinho’s quitting his job at Tottenham Hotspur ahead of the final game.

Mourinho Leaves Spurs, Team Losses to Man City

Did this situation lead to the club’s failure in the match against Manchester City? Let’s consider it in more detail.

European Super League became the apple of discord

The main reason why Tottenham’s head coach, Jose Mourinho, has decided to bid goodbye to the club is its decision to join the European Super League, according to some sources. The coach's move, however, became crucial for Spurs, and its failure at Wembley showed that the dismissal a week prior to the final competition wasn’t a good idea indeed.

Whether it is true or not but the Citizens could beat their opponents. Aymeric Laporte managed to score a goal in the 82d minute with the assist of Kevin De Bruyne. It is the fourth successive League Cup for the club. Tottenham didn’t have dangerous attacking moments through the whole match, except for several tries to hit the rivals’ net. One of them was Giovani Lo Celso’s attempt to twist the ball to the far post. It didn’t help, and Pep Guardiola’s team won the trophy.

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