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Messi’s Likely Transfer Next Summer

6 September 2019, 13:38
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Lionel Messi is reportedly not planning to extend his contract with FC Barcelona which will expire in summer 2021.

Messi’s Likely Transfer Next Summer

According to the Spanish mass media, the footballer has a worthy reason to do so. The Argentinian forward signed the current contract in 2017. However, it contains a pretty interesting item: on June 30 of each year within the contract validity period, Messi has the right to terminate it and leave the club.

Therefore, the Golden Boot owner might break off his relations with the Blaugrana next summer, a year before his contract closure.

Messi is still thinking things over before making the final decision. FC Barcelona in its turn has a solution to this problem – they should renew the contract with the Argentinian before January.

Despite the fact that there is no precondition to expect Messi’s transfer, the possibility of a unique market offer next summer should not be excluded.

As mentioned earlier, UEFA commission has presented the list of footballers nominated for the 2018/2019 UEFA Player of the Year.

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