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McGregor Announced Trilogy with Poirier for July

5 April 2021, 13:30
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Conor McGregor has confirmed that the trilogy contract with Dustin Poirier is signed for July 10. Even though there are plenty of details to be dealt with, he's going to destroy the opponent this time. Being at the forefront of the most shaking sports news in fighting, Login Casino comes with the upcoming bout's details.

McGregor Announced Trilogy with Poirier for July

While the date is already booked, even Dana White doesn't know where and how the fight will happen. As there are still three months to wait on, all the sides hope the live audience will be present. If so, the UFC's president expects it will be Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena.

What is at stake for the fighters?

Even though Dustin Poirier could hope for the title clash in the UFC's lightweight division after Khabib vacated the belt, he agreed to participate in the highly attractive trilogy battle with Conor McGregor. As the fighters' recent run is 1-1, the third octagon meet makes a lot of sense and can be even more financially attractive for the American mixed martial artist.

On the other hand, McGregor put him in a rather weird position after January's loss to Poirier. His return to the octagon was promoted with the aim to find the title bout, but he showed plenty of weak sides. It hardly means that another loss to the "Diamond" will hit his media popularity, but he can forget about the belt in 2021 if he loses again.

At the same time, the winner of this highly competitive and media attractive fight will have a chance to grab the title in his next fight, which will probably be against Justin Gaethje.

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