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Mayweather vs. Paul Allowed Nobody to Stay Indifferent

7 June 2021, 11:45
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The much-discussed in sports news fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul has made much hype and stricken a chord with boxing fans.

Mayweather vs. Paul Allowed Nobody to Stay Indifferent

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Although the bout wasn’t considered as something serious at the beginning, the boxers could put into question whether it really was an exhibition fight.

Paul could stand up to the opponent

The bout consisted of eight rounds, which proved that it was a desperate fight. As it was represented as an exhibition match, it finished without the referees’ verdict. The boxing show at Hard Rock Stadium didn’t reveal a winner.

Mayweather was dominating in the ring, but he couldn’t knock out his more massive rival. Paul showed a pretty good performance, using his best skills. This means much for a YouTube blogger and internet star. Even the former world champion in five divisions has confirmed that standing against him during the whole match is already a win. However, he has noted that the result will depend on the money the sportsmen will get. Logan Paul also commented fight, saying that “it was the coolest thing”, which had ever happened to him.

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