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Mayweather Considers Lomachenko Not So Talented As He

23 October 2020, 11:41
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The latest Floyd Mayweather’s statements about the fight between Teofimo Lopez and Vasyl Lomachenko appeared in all sports news, as the ex-boxer’s words weren’t pleasant to hear for a winner.

Mayweather Considers Lomachenko Not So Talented As He

According to Mayweather, Teofimo shouldn’t be very proud of his victory because his opponent isn’t so talented as legendary boxers. Among them, he, of course, mentioned himself, together with Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Why isn’t Lomachenko worth of being among the best boxers?

Floyd explained his statements about the Ukrainian saying that Vasyl hadn’t managed to win his second professional bout with Orlando Salido – a Mexican boxer. It took place in 2014 and became a big fail for the sportsman because he lost by the split decision. 

Mayweather has said that Lomachenko can’t be compared to him because he has won three bouts in succession, which shows his professional level and talent. However, this topic remains controversial because, if to compare Lomachenko’s and Mayweather’s achievements, the former has more solid experience. The Ukrainian boxer had fewer matches but could use his potential to the full extent. His losses to Salido and Lopez are explicable: the first one is a topic for discussion, and the second may be caused by Vasyl’s injury.

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