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May 29 Is Agreed for Tyson vs. Holyfield Fight, Says Mike

24 March 2021, 11:40
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The awaited trilogy fight between former boxing champions Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson seems to be a done deal. The “Iron Mike” has confirmed that boxers are ready to meet on May 29, even though some other details are still in process. Login Casino follows the latest sports news, coming with a fresh portion of information about the legendary rivalry that is returning to the ring.

May 29 Is Agreed for Tyson vs. Holyfield Fight, Says Mike

The two famous heavyweight boxing champions of the late 20th century seem to be ready to battle at the end of spring. In his latest Instagram chat, Mike Tyson said that they dealt the third bout with Evander on May 29.

This update came unexpectedly fast after the “Iron Mike” refused a $25M deal on Monday from the side of Holyfield. However, it shows that boxers are in close discussion towards participating in their third match, even though the previous clashes were in the former century.

Why is this bout so awaited by boxing fans?

Of course, the biggest trigger for their third bout is the scandal episode with ear-biting from the side of Tyson, who has reacted unexpectedly in just the second round during the revenge match in 1997. A year before, Holyfield won the first clash and made Tyson too emotional towards the rematch.

Even though the boxing community wants to see legendary fighters in the ring again, they will be patiently waiting for the boxing details before spending money on the pay-per-view event. Thus, at the end of 2020, Tyson had already met another veteran, Roy Jones Jr., but their bout was poisoned by the rules not to hit each other due to their age. Nonetheless, aged boxers (both are 50+) still have the mastery and power to deliver a real boxing show. Some experts expect that the third Tyson vs. Holyfield bout can be even more profitable in the US than Fury vs. Joshua unification bout.

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