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Mavericks Astound Clippers: Record Half with 50 Points Lead

28 December 2020, 11:58
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The Dallas Mavericks set a new record of halftime lead in the match with the Los Angeles Clippers while also renewing a few other achievements. Login Casino always finds the most interesting sports news and shares them with readers.

Mavericks Astound Clippers: Record Half with 50 Points Lead

The after-Christmas game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers turned into a nightmare for the latter. Being the home team, the Clippers lost the first half with an astonishing 27-77 result, beating the 29-year record of 47 points halftime domination of the GS Warriors over the Sacramento Kings.

Interestingly, that wasn’t the only disgusting record that was beaten by the Clippers in the NBA game. Thus, the Los Angeles team also renewed their biggest loss in the league, which was 50 points in 1988 to the Seattle SuperSonics. The 27th December frustration ended with a 73-124 total score, which means 51 points lead for the away side.

Why did this happen?

It is the outcome of multiple reasons. Thus, surprising sports results in 2020 aren’t something outstanding anymore, while the after-Christmas behavior only facilitated the unexpected outcome. Moreover, the pre-match situation dictated a full preference for the home side.

Thus, the Clippers had a 2-1 record in the new season, including the victories over the champions the Los Angeles Lakers and the away victory over Denver Nuggets – the team they lost in the last Western Conference semifinal.

At the same time, Clippers stopped Mavericks in the first playoff round of the last championship. Moreover, the team from Dallas had a negative 1-2 record in the current season, and the visit to Los Angeles didn’t promise much.

However, the tough and strange year makes the difference even in the most unexpected situations. Playing without two injured leaders, Kawhi Leonard and Marcus Morris, the Clippers weren’t able to score 3-points attempts on a regular basis, scoring only once in the first 24 minutes. Simultaneously, Mavericks came to the game with the desire to defend intensively and effectively while being rather effective on the offense, landing nine long-shots in the first half.

All these facts led to another NBA record, which is 40+ consecutive points of domination for more than the last 31 minutes, according to the official statistics.

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