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Marquez Called Out Hamilton for the Battle. Two Races to Be Conducted

28 August 2019, 14:59
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The best racer of our time, Lewis Hamilton, received a challenge to the so-called duel. His rival turned out to be a colleague from the world of motorsport, who is considering shifting to Formula 1.

Marquez Called Out Hamilton for the Battle. Two Races to Be Conducted

The Best in Their Sports to Confront Each Other

Marc Marquez made an unusual offer to Lewis Hamilton to compete in different sports. The 26-year-old Spaniard is a multiple MotoGP champion of the world premiere motorcycle road racing Grand Prix championship.

Marc is a celebrity in the world of motorsports. Marquez started riding bikes at a very young age. That is why he has become so successful in this sport. The Spaniard has been a Repsol Honda Team rider for six years already.

Lewis Hamilton, in turn, is the best Formula 1 driver of our time, as well as one of the best racers of all time.

The Brit Accepted the Challenge

If you’ve been looking forward to the news on Lewis Hamilton, this is exactly what you will be interested in. The racing driver accepted the MotoGP champion’s challenge. A few days ago, the 26-year-old rider’s comment appeared in his official blog, by which the athlete invited the Formula 1 champion to face each other in an unusual duel.

Since Marquez is a motorcycle racer, and Hamilton’s calling is car races, the Spaniard came up with a special way to measure strength with the best Formula 1 driver.

Marc offered to initially race on motorcycles, and then – on racecars. The Spaniard has long been fond of motorsport and even tested cars himself. The athlete added that, perhaps, in the future he would switch his career and become a fireball racer. In addition, he noticed that Hamilton was good at riding a motorbike as well, which prompted him to meet with the Briton for the first time. According to Marquez, their meeting took place almost a year ago.

Yesterday, the Mercedes pilot responded to the call-out on his Instagram page, where he accepted the challenge from the Spaniard motorcycle road racer.

As mentioned earlier, Hamilton has recently taken part in the Hungarian Grand Prix, which promised to be very interesting. 

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