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Man United’s Hammering Roma: Key Moments

30 April 2021, 10:44
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The match between Manchester United and Roma will be discussed in all sports news articles for a long time as the former has hammered the latter to the full.

Man United’s Hammering Roma: Key Moments

Images source: GettyImages, Reuters

Manchester United was dominating the game from the first minutes. It was a sign that the club wouldn’t part with its win that easy.

Roma was a complete wreck in the second half

As "the Red Devils" showed the domination from the very beginning, this led to Bruno Fernandes’ goal. However, Roma took a penalty kick in the 15th minute, which resulted in the scored goal and leveled the match. The club decided to gain its position back, and Edin Dzeko shot a goal, drawing ahead of the opponent and leading with 2:1.

The second half wasn’t so much promising for the Italian club. Solskjaer's team could turn the match around and made five more goals. In such a way, Man United hammered Roma with a 6:2 score. It is worth mentioning that Roma has been losing its position during the second half. Fonseca said that he didn’t understand what had happened to the team. However, the manager made three necessary substitutions in the first half, which influenced the second half. He used all opportunities for substitutions and didn’t have any variants during the next part of the competition.

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