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Lomachenko Is Sure He Can Destroy Lopez in Revenge Bout

24 December 2020, 12:36
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The Ukrainian former lightweight champion, Vasyl Lomachenko, is going to return back his belts in the lightweight boxing division. He wants the rematch with Teofimo Lopez in April or May, while the American is strongly against it. Login Casino analyses the latest sports news and explains the situation with the possible revenge clash.

Lomachenko Is Sure He Can Destroy Lopez in Revenge Bout

October 17 became one of the most frustrating days for Vasyl Lomachenko, who lost three titles to Teofimo Lopez. The unanimous decision about the victory of the American looked logical, but the judge scores didn’t. The match notes admitted 116-112, 119-109, and 117-111 - all in favor of Teo, which looks like a dominant win over the former Olympic gold medalist from Ukraine.

Probably, the judges’ notes made Vasyl angry. Teofimo was really more active in the first half of the bout and took the last round, but five or four rounds at least were won by the Ukrainian without a doubt. It means that scores should be something about 115-113 or 116-112, but not 119-109 (which means Loma’s domination in only one round).

Lomachenko made an emphasis on the strange scores in the aftermath interviews several times. Even though his belief that he did enough for the draw looks biased, it is much closer to the real situation than two judges noted. As the American fighter was quite provocative concerning the fight with the Ukrainian, Vasyl could provoke him back to prove the victory wasn’t accidental.

Nevertheless, the rematch is far from being confirmed. The Ukrainian team was against the revenge clause before the bout as it was sure Loma would punish the younger American. It became the major reason Lopez’s team disagreed with the rematch after Teo added three more belts to his collection.

If not Lopez, who can be the next opponent for Lomachenko?

As one of the cornerstone reasons for Vasyl’s defeat was the size difference between him and Teo, returning to the super featherweight division seems to be a good decision for the Ukrainian. Among the top fighters in the 130lb division can be Gervonta Davis, Shakur Stevenson, or Devin Haney.

However, Lomachenko can stay in the lightweight division. Thus, Lopez had announced before the bout with the Ukrainian that he was going to the upper-division. That is a logical step for the 23-year-old boxer with good size for super lightweight and even welterweight divisions. Nevertheless, if the American stays in the 135lb, he can face Loma again sooner or later.

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