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Liverpool Bus Was Stopped by Manchester United Fans

14 May 2021, 11:44
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Yesterday, on Thursday, protests, and clashes continued by Manchester United fans against the current management of the British club. Since yesterday afternoon, there is much sports news that is echoing about the protests.

Liverpool Bus Was Stopped by Manchester United Fans

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In the new protests taking place yesterday afternoon, several cars even crossed, stopping the bus where the Liverpool players were going on their way to Old Trafford. For this reason, the players and the technical team arrived in buses without any official emblem or logo at the stadium.

The postponed Manchester U vs. Liverpool match was played

The Manchester U vs. Liverpool match was scheduled to be held on May 2, but due to the first protests by Manchester United fans, it was decided to postpone it to May 13.

Trying to avoid the proposals, Manchester U arrived at the Old Trafford stadium yesterday at 14:00 (British Time). Its rival arrived at 19:00 (British Time) on a bus without any shield, because unfortunately, Liverpool's official bus was intercepted on the way to pick up the coaching staff and players by United fans with several cars, causing it to stop.

10 000 fans are expected to enter the Manchester United vs. Fulham game on Tuesday and calm the protests.

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