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Lewis Hamilton Says Formula 1 Is for Rich People

21 May 2021, 14:11
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The racing driver from Great Britain Lewis Hamilton disclosed his thoughts about Formula 1 in one of his interviews.

Lewis Hamilton Says Formula 1 Is for Rich People

His words began to appear in all sports news as the racing star was speaking about his childhood and career.

Doors to Formula 1 would be closed for Lewis now

According to the sportsman, Formula One is a private club for rich people. Its participants have much money, which makes it impossible for the representatives of not so rich segments of the population to enter these sports.

Hamilton has explained his words by speaking about his family and childhood. He said that he was brought up in a usual working family and, if he started now, he would have no chances and opportunities to join Formula 1. His father had several jobs to earn a living and maintain his family. He funded the boy’s hobby, and only later Lewis was noticed by McLaren and Mercedes. The racing driver emphasized the importance of making the competition more available for various social groups. To support these words, the sportsman, together with Mercedes, has established a foundation, which helps people from ethnic minorities to enter this type of sport.

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