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Kamaru Usman Confirmed His Dominance in UFC's Welterweight

15 February 2021, 13:35
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The former Usman's teammate, Gilbert Burns, had a promising start of the fight, but Kamaru showed why he was holding the belt. In the post-match interview, the Nigerian-American mentioned Jorge Masvidal as his next possible opponent. Login Casino determines the most interesting sports news, highlighting the UFC 258 main event and explaining the situation concerning Usman's next opponent.

Kamaru Usman Confirmed His Dominance in UFC's Welterweight

Usman confirmed his power

The Nigerian-American fighter has been holding the UFC's welterweight title since May 2019 after he secured the victory over Tyron Woodley. The next three fights have just proved Kamaru Usman is not an accidental title-holder. Even though the "Nigerian Nightmare" had some troubles at the beginning of the UFC 258 fight night, he turned the tide of the bout in the second round and destroyed Gilbert Burns at the beginning of the third one.

Usman had to show his stamina just after the start of the battle as his former teammate activated all his forces to drop the champion. However, all the shots were perceived without fatal damage for Kamaru, although he was quite frustrated and seemed to lose the fight if everything had gone with the same passion in the following rounds.

Nevertheless, the champion activated his hands' shooting power and used it in the second round. Despite the fact that Gilbert knew all the possible actions of his opponent, he couldn't defend effectively and counter-attack accurately. The change of the stand from orthodox to southpaw at the beginning of the third round allowed Usman to land a few powerful jabs and set the contender at the canvas. The following shots forced the referee to stop the bout, while Kamaru showed all his animal passion and desire to win the right to the cameras.

Who's next?

Kamaru Usman

The best perspective now looks to be the second bout with Jorge Masvidal. Usman mentioned his opponent in the post-match interview and assured that he is ready to return to the octagon against him. Their former clash was in July 2020, and Kamaru won by the unanimous vote, which forced the "Gamebred" to doubt the decision and call for revenge. Interestingly, Dana White and both sides had a preliminary agreement for another fight, but the obstacles didn't allow them to realize it.

Except for the sporting interest in the Usman vs. Masvidal's second bout, such a fight has a clear financial cornerstone for both. Their first battle was the only PPV event in the athletes' career, and booking a rematch can gather another impressive bank. As both fighters have already passed a 30-year-old barrier, they are definitely looking for the best financial proposition, which now can be just heating up.

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