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Joshua is Concerned that Another Loss will Affect His Legacy

21 November 2019, 11:24
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The former world champion Joshua claims that he will be disappointed if he loses to Ruiz again.

Joshua is Concerned that Another Loss will Affect His Legacy

In June, the 30-year-old British fighter was defeated by “The Destroyer” and lost his heavyweight belts. They will meet again on December 7 and AJ will have a chance to return his titles.

In his interview to the BBC, Joshua said that he is aware of the problems that caused the shock loss and shared his opinion regarding the future bout.

According to the professional boxer, he will not be satisfied if he does not win in the rematch. As AJ claims, this bout is extremely important for him.

Asked whether his legacy depends on the rematch, AJ said that he would discuss this matter after ending his professional career. The British fighter added that he would not be satisfied with a legacy as a former world heavyweight champion.

However, he does not doubt that Ruiz will lose in the rematch.  

On Saturday, AJ will fly to Saudi Arabia and some members of his team will arrive earlier in order to ensure all the facilities are in place for his training to go on.

As mentioned earlier, Mourinho has been recently appointed as a new Tottenham manager.

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