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Jones Disagrees on Compensation for Ngannou, Rakic Supports

2 April 2021, 12:38
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Jon Jones was suggested a quite traditional $8-10M for the UFC's heavyweight title bout against Francis Ngannou but refused it almost immediately. A light heavyweight fighter Aleksandar Rakic has supported "Bones" and supposed this amount of money for a combatant title bout looks too low. Login Casino follows the latest sports news and dives into the much-discussed case.

Jones Disagrees on Compensation for Ngannou, Rakic Supports

After Francis Ngannou knocked out Stipe Miocic and gained the UFC's heavyweight title, the next opponent was predictable - Jon Jones. The former light heavyweight fighter with 13 successful defenses decided to move to the upper division to achieve new heights.

However, the UFC has come with a quite traditional proposal of 8-10 million dollars for the title bout, while "Bones" believes it's too small compensation. Now Aleksandar Rakic defends Jon's attitude towards such an offer, stating that this heavy clash certainly deserves much more. Even Aleksandar, who is close to the title bout with Jan Blachowicz and plans to go to the upper division, has said that he isn't ready to face Ngannou for such a fee.

What are the possible resolutions in this case?

According to the sources, Jon Jones wants more because he knows how profitable the bouts in MMA are, taking into account Conor McGregor's earnings. The latter declared multimillion incomes in 2020 even without any belt.

Rumors led the discussion even to Derrick Lewis as a potential opponent for Francis Ngannou, and the contender was ready for an $8-10 million payout. However, it's hard to believe that Dana White will skip Jones' participation in the octagon in the nearest time as there is almost no sense in returning to the light heavyweight after Adesanya has lost to Blachowicz.

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