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Italy’s Victory at UEFA Euro After 53 Years

12 July 2021, 14:09
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The most intriguing UEFA match between England’s and Italy’s football teams has shown us the winners of Europe on July 11. According to the latest sports news, the discussion on the great final is still going, so let’s get the results.

Italy’s Victory at UEFA Euro After 53 Years

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Euro 2020 final has become a defeat for the English team. The national team of Italy has got its win in a penalty shoot following 1-1 draw after 120 minutes. The Tree Lions took it a very painful blow for the whole country.

It was the first time of penalties since 1976 when Czechoslovakia beat West Germany. The Italian national team has made their country so proud, especially after the last victory in 1968.

England was leading the first half thanks to Luke Shaw’s goal in the second minute. And the second half became successful for Italy. England was trying to anticipate every move of the team of rivals. They were closing channels and blocking crosses. According to the football manager of the Italian team Mancini, they took control.

The Italians attacked right after they found out all the strengths and weaknesses of the English team.

Were the match predictions true?

Here are some of the predictions for this match:

  • Italy 1 : England 1 (Italy 5-4 on penalties);
  • Italy 3 : England 1;
  • Italy 1 : England 1 (Italy’s win on penalties).

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