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Italy Scores a Win Over Spain on Penalties and Enters the Finals

7 July 2021, 12:36
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According to the latest sports news, the Tuesday night match between Italy and Spain at the Wembley stadium in London ended with a dramatic penalty shootout.

Italy Scores a Win Over Spain on Penalties and Enters the Finals

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The teams tied up during the main time of the game, each scoring a goal, so extra time was needed. At the end of the extra, Italy finally proved its dominance on the field with a 4-2 penalty score in the Italian team’s favor. The Italian team, now undefeated in 33 consecutive games, progresses to the EURO 2020 finals.

Jorginho’s penalty kick ensures a victory for Italians

It was a penalty kick from the Italian midfield, Jorginho, that ensured a win for the Italians. Jorginho’s goal came just moments after the Spanish forward, Alvaro Morata, has nearly scored a penalty, losing a place in the finals for Spain in the end. Rivaling goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, however, saved the day for the Italians.

Italy enters the final stage of the UEFA football tournament for the sixth time now, whereas Spain misses the finals of the major football tournament for the first time. 

The results of today’s game between Denmark and England will determine an opponent for the Italians in the final match of the UEFA championship.

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