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Is Messi Really Earning €138M per Year? Barca Denies

1 February 2021, 10:58
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El Mundo Deportivo presented details of Messi's contract with Barcelona, signed in 2017. According to the allegations, the Argentinian had to receive more than €555 million in four years. Even though the Catalonian club rejects all the allegations and is going to the court to return the reputation, the latest sports news rubric by Login Casino reviews the case in more detail and explains what will happen next.

Is Messi Really Earning €138M per Year? Barca Denies

The last January day of 2021 exploded with interesting news from the Spanish media – El Mundo Deportivo. The outlet presented some of the details of Messi's contract with Barcelona, which was re-signed in 2017. According to the data, Lionel Messi earned an incredible €555 237 619 in four years, which means more than €138 million annually.

A significant part of the overall payment belongs to the re-signing bonus (more than €115 million) and loyalty fee (almost €78 million). At the same time, the sum that will given to the Argentinian in summer 2021 is around 297 million euros, or almost 75 million euros net.

Those numbers are going in contradiction with the latest report by Forbes. The American financial outlet reported about the $92M (or about €76M) annually for Messi, but the talk was about the gross revenue. Although the numbers by Forbes are still incredible, the Spanish media shook people's minds with enormous payments, especially during the coronavirus-caused financial crisis.

Can Barca sue El Mundo Deportivo?

At the moment, the Catalonian club has to not only reject all the allegations and present some kind of support to Messi but go to the court to return the reputation. As Barcelona has reported about the significant losses (€1.2B of long-term and €730M of short-term debts) in the last year, such allegations are hitting the reputation of the Catalonian football giant and can significantly influence the upcoming club's presidential elections.

This situation becomes more complicated by the increased interest of PSG towards the striker, who tried to leave Barcelona in the summer. Another public attack on Messi can force him to reunite with Neymar in Paris, which can be severely met by Catalonian fans who understand Lionel's importance for Barcelona. It may even seem like the club's targeted attack before the presidential elections to increase the inside football giant's tensions.

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