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Is It Possible for Adesanya to Face Blachowicz in Early 2021?

20 November 2020, 16:04
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The Nigeria-born Israel Adesanya tries to be rather active at the recent stage of his career. Being an undisputed champion in the UFC middleweight, he wants a title bout in the upper-division with Jan Blachowicz soon. Login Casino reviews the latest sports news and explains what can happen with Adesanya's nearest future in the UFC.

Is It Possible for Adesanya to Face Blachowicz in Early 2021?

Why is Adesanya so active in recent time?

Being a 31-year-old undefeated fighter in the UFC, Israel Adesanya makes many active steps to increase his media popularity in the last months. After the dominating win over Paulo Costa in September, he got into a scandal with possible steroids taking. Later, he had a provocative conversation with Jon Jones.

His most recent activity was a collaboration with the developers of the computer game "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" and signing an exclusive contract with famous sportswear manufacturer Puma. Another interesting step is a future appearance in the commentary studio during the Tyson-Jones boxing clash on November 28.

How can media attention help him in sport?

However, all this fades into the background of his professional career plans. Surely he knows that 31 years is the optimal age to achieve the new highs, as the career peak is coming. So, now he tries to create a media background for his further life and attract maximum attention to his personality and professional standing right now.

Thus, he hopes to face Jan Blachowicz in the nearest months, but this is a hard promotional task. As both fighters are the champions in the different weight classes, they are automatically the targets for interim contenders and those who want to grab the golden position. Traditionally in combat sports, the way to the title bout is long even in the single weight class, with nothing to say about the diverse divisions. However, promoters prefer looking at the financial side of the future fights, and battle between the two champions is the perfect media and pay-per-view poster.


Of course, Adesanya says that he respects the rules, and Glover Teixeira, who is the recent interim contender for the bout against the Polish light heavyweight champion. Teixeira defeated Tiago Santos earlier in November, and Israel tries to explain that he has to be first to meet Blachowicz.

As usual, the final word will be said by Dana White - the UFC's president. Even though the primary promoter has already announced the possibility of the clash between Blachowicz and Adesanya, he can go the traditional rules' way and give a primary chance for Teixeira to grab the title. Nevertheless, Adesanya's media activity can make a difference, even for the Polish fighter who can agree to a better financial proposition.

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