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Is Adesanya vs. Blachowicz Confirmed for UFC 259?

1 January 2021, 11:47
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One of the most awaited bouts in the UFC in 2021 is Blachowicz against Adesanya, and the organization has announced the planned date. According to the sources, the clash for the light heavyweight title may happen on March 6, headlining UFC 259 event. Login Casino provides the most interesting sports news and gives an overview of the preconditions and possible outcomes.

Is Adesanya vs. Blachowicz Confirmed for UFC 259?

The number three in the world’s pound-for-pound (P4P) rating and undisputed middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, talked about inter-division fights many times. His dominant position in the 185lb forced him to think about the achievements in other close divisions like welterweight and light heavyweight.

While the discussions about the battle with Kamaru Usman didn’t finish with any concrete suggestions, Adesanya had a few reasons to try forces in the light heavyweight. Although the debut in the new weight division in the title bout sounds promising, teasing Jon Jones is way more interesting. Just to remind you, Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya have a long-lasting altercation on social media.

Nevertheless, the UFC’s president Dana White had already announced that the ‘Last Stylebender’ would be given a chance to have a title bout in the new weight class. Even though both athletes were fighting in the UFC 253 on September 27, targeting the bout between them became the problem. The Polish sportsman is 37 years old and requires a longer recovery and preparation period than the 31-year-old Australian.

It will be the first title defense for the ‘Prince of Cieszyn’ whose career isn’t prominent. However, Blachowicz looked great against Dominick Reyes in the title bout, showing both physical and mental dominance. Even though Adesanya is a bit taller (by 5 centimeters), the Polish athlete looks more stubby and strong enough to deliver the first defeat for Nigeria-born Adesanya. If nothing extraordinary happens, the clash should headline the UFC 259 event, planned on March 6.

Jon Jones

Can the winner face Jon Jones?

At the moment, the most interesting issue is whether Jon Jones (second in P4P rating) returns to light heavyweight, where he has been dominating for years. The desire to grab new titles didn’t bring anything as he had to go through a few contenders before the title bout. Taking into account how easy UFC has agreed for Adesanya to receive a title bout in the new weight division, the possible return of Jones to the light heavyweight division to face the winner looks possible. The special attention will be to the Jones vs. Adesanya clash, one of Dana White's personal targets for 2021.

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