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Hungarian Grand Prix 2019 Forecast

2 August 2019, 15:41
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August 4 is a big day for Formula 1 fans. This Sunday, the final race before the summer break will take place in the framework of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2019, so it is definitely going to be hot there.

Hungarian Grand Prix 2019 Forecast

Weather Forecast for the Race

If you think that in Formula 1 everything depends on pilots and racecars, then you are not quite right. Another full-fledged race participant is the weather. For example, this season Mercedes cars cannot tolerate heat. Experts noticed that on the highway in Austria and predicted the team’s bad results in Germany. Abnormal heat influenced the qualification, and then a heavy downpour completely mixed the final race results. That is why the competition’s leader Hamilton could not get on the podium, and a large number of racers did not reach the finish line at all.

Fortunately, according to the latest weather forecast, this should not happen in Hungary. Rains can make adjustments to the Friday training and Saturday qualifying. However, Sunday is going to be cloudy, but without precipitation. At the start of the race, the temperature is expected to be quite comfortable – around 24-25 degrees Celsius.

Hungaroring Can Seriously Affect the Racers’ Positions

The last race before the summer break will be held in Hungary on the Hungaroring circuit. Its results will have a significant influence on the Formula 1 standings, as well as the racers’ psychology. For some of the teams, success or failure on Sunday will determine their near future. Thus, Bottas’s crash has made it possible for his second place in the overall standings to be taken by somebody else (Verstappen came very close to him).

The Mercedes team’s management has already expressed their uncertainty regarding the Finnish pilot’s future. The race in Hungary gives racers a chance to do their best in order to sign new contracts with the teams, as well as improve their positions. This concerns Lewis Hamilton as well. The Briton is the undisputed favorite, but, after his last Grand Prix losses, the belief in his invincibility is destroyed.

This is good for Max Verstappen who, unlike the rest, is gaining confidence. The Dutchman is currently one of the most stable Formula 1 pilots. In the second part of the championship, he demonstrates confident driving and can not only take the Valtteri’s second position but also rank first in the standings.

The Ferrari drivers are competing for the leadership as well. Leclerc, who is showing very good results in his Formula 1 debut season, wants to redeem himself for a mistake in Germany. In turn, Vettel (two-time Hungary Grand Prix winner) also intends to prove his worth and win the first race in this season.

It will be interesting to look at Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly from Red Bull. The Frenchman is a weak link in comparison with Verstappen, so he is very likely to leave the “bulls” soon. In turn, the Russian’s good performance at Hockenheim makes him one of the candidates for replacement.

Expert Forecast

Experts identify two main contenders for victory – Hamilton and Verstappen. Given the track’s specificities, the Dutchman may even have an advantage due to the Red Bull cars’ better maneuverability. However, do not forget that it was the Briton who celebrated the victory at this stage last year. As the record holder for victories there, he will definitely do his best in order to get another win. At the same time, both Lewis's partners in the Mercedes team, as well as both Ferrari pilots have good chances for getting the trophy as well. odds

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - 3.0;

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – 3.0;

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) – 7.0;

Charles Leclaire (Ferrari) – 7.0;

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) – 7.0.

Betway odds

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2.0;

Max Verstappen (“Red Bull”) – 3.25;

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) – 6.5;

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) – 9.0.

Charles Leclaire (Ferrari) – 10.0.


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