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How Can the Loss to MU Influence Mourinho's Future at Spurs?

12 April 2021, 12:19
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Tottenham showed another poor game under Mourinho, now losing to the principal opponents from Manchester. How can this strategic loss impact Jose's future in London? Login Casino follows the latest sports news, describing the match and explaining the danger around Mourinho.

How Can the Loss to MU Influence Mourinho's Future at Spurs?

It has already seemed that Mourinho's position in Tottenham relies more on the amount of compensation signed in the contract for its termination, and another game has confirmed this suggestion. Spurs looked active and interesting, but only until the goal scored by Son. Then, all the team, including bright attacking players like Kane, Moura, Lo Celso, and Son, had to protect the strategic result.

Manchester United dominated in London

While the first goal by Cavani was quite fairly revoked due to McTominay's inattentive arm stroke, Solskjaer's guys showed attacking variety in the seconds half and logically turned the game. The first goal came after a fast mid-passing combination, finished by Fred. Cavani, who could score twice (and once in his own net), finally found a perfect moment with a diving header and gave MU a lead. The final point was also stylish for the visitors, as Greenwood showed a perfect solo game and powerful finishing from a close distance.

What can save Mourinho?

While the start of the season was great for Spurs, holding a top spot for weeks, now the situation is almost catastrophic. Tottenham is six points away from the top-4 (which is the main target), and the density for grabbing the UEFA Champions League spot is massive, with Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, and West Ham over Spurs in this race.

Of course, there are still enough chances to find the needed place in the table with seven games left, but the lack of stable attacking game scares. Another doubtful argument for Mourinho's possible save is the League Cup's final match, but there will be incredible Manchester City in opposition. It seems that Daniel Levy has to be ready to pay the compensation at the end of the season as the former Pochettino's team has significantly degraded from UCL's finalist position.

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