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Hearn Doesn’t Consider the Fight between Tyson and Jones “Ethically Right”

4 August 2020, 11:44
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All latest sports news articles disclose the topic about the upcoming fight between two boxing legends – Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. However, some experts don’t participate in everyone’s joy and have weighty arguments for this.

Hearn Doesn’t Consider the Fight between Tyson and Jones “Ethically Right”

For example, the famous promoter Eddie Hearn thinks that this bout isn’t worth the trouble. He has criticized it because of the main reason: according to CSAC (the California State Athletic Commission), neither Tyson nor Jones can go for a knockout.

Hearn says it is an absolute disaster

The promoter has emphasized that it will look strange when Iron Mike is ready to knock his rival out, but the commissioner stops him immediately. In his opinion, access to this exhibition match isn’t worth its money. He has said that everybody who wants to buy the PPV (which costs fifty dollars) pays actually for nothing.

Hearn has also added that he is willing to watch a real fight for this money, and he will never pay for an exhibition bout because it is senseless. Moreover, the promoter insists that such matches aren’t ethically right for the boxing industry. However, it will take place on September 12 in Los Angeles, and two boxers who are in their fifties will meet in the ring.

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