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Gypsy King Is Back on the Throne

17 September 2019, 13:35
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In spite of a few cuts above the right eye, Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs) managed to gain a spectacular victory over Swedish professional boxer Wallin (20-1, 13 KOs) in Las Vegas.

Gypsy King Is Back on the Throne

When he returned to his corner, blood was flowing on the right side of his face from cuts; Gypsy King just looked at his coach and told him he lives for this.

After the cuts heal, there will be some criticism about how he managed a points win, but the fact that the Furious One comes back again is great for sports industry. 

On completing the fight, Fury appeared on the ring with a sombrero on his head and called himself a Gypsy warrior. He also said he had been demonstrating a great performance during all the rounds fighting against a tough Swede Wallin. 

Wallin, in his turn, admitted he did his best and added Fury is a great champion.

The Furious one vs. Wilder

Fury now has amazing experience. He has worked with many great trainers and managed to defeat talented boxers. Just looking at his amazing performance against Klitschko, it is possible to understand how many valuable boxing skills this man accumulated. 

Some critics insist Gypsy King is not able to make a splash in the United States and is not choosing great opponents basing on the fact that only 40% of the seats were sold for Saturday fight.

However, a future fight with Wilder might help him to thrill the public all over the world and become a proof he is among the best ones.

According to some experts, Fury will be the favourite against Wilder as he managed to successfully get into shape after his three years without real competition. Since then, he has had two great fights and gained all the instincts that are possible to get for fighting regularly.

As mentioned earlier, on November 2, two UFC stars Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will fight against each other and the winner will meet later with the UFC champion Kamaru Usman.

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