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Goalscoring Festival for MU against Southampton

3 February 2021, 10:52
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The early sent off turned the Saints' visit to Old Trafford into a nightmare. Manchester United was persuasive and unstoppable all the time and scored nine goals to repeat the record 9-0 win, while Southampton faced one more incredible loss under Hasenhuttl. Find out more in the latest sports news rubric by Login Casino.

Goalscoring Festival for MU against Southampton

It will be hard to forget this day for Alexandre Jankewitz, whose English Premier League (EPL) debut finished with second-minute dismissal and became the trigger for an astonishing 9-0 loss to Manchester United. His rough foul at the beginning of the match put Southampton under greater pressure on Old Trafford, and the team moldered in just 15 minutes.

Records for MU

The first-ever Old Trafford goal for Wan-Bissaka came on the 18th minute and started the "massacre." The home side's constant pressure led to three more goals in the first half, where even the Saints' defender Bednarek joined Cavani and Rashford's goal scoring. The Polish defender caused another vital case when he was sent off after the foul in his penalty box at the end of the second half, giving MU a double advantage.

The Saints were unable to compete and defend without two players, allowing MU to score three times after Bednarek's foul. All in all, another four people scored for the home side, including McTominay, Fernandes, James, and Martial (twice), repeating the EPL record of seven different goal scorers for one side in the single game. Manchester United also repeated their record win, which was 9-0 against Ipswich in 1995.

Southampton repeats their anti-record

It's hard to understand how Ralph Hassenhuttl felt after the game, which became the biggest away defeat for his club. Just a year ago, in autumn 2019, he already felt similar emotions after the home loss 0-9 to Leicester City, which became the biggest home defeat for all the EPL teams and the worst result for the Saints ever.

Nevertheless, there is no time to fall into emotions, either positive or negative, as the next games will take place at the weekend. Lucky and unlucky days happen, and it's better to get one 9-0 score than nine 1-0 defeats. At the same time, MU can feel too relaxed after such an easy win and struggle in a couple of next games.

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