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Fury vs. Joshua Isn't Fully Agreed According to Hearn

17 March 2021, 11:33
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On March 15, almost all the boxing world was talking about the agreement between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, who finally agreed to face each other in the unification bout. However, AJ's promoter Eddie Hearn has come with slow-down information, explaining that there are still plenty of obstacles until the final deal. Login Casino follows the latest sports news in boxing, explaining what can still happen with the awaited fight so it can be canceled.

Fury vs. Joshua Isn't Fully Agreed According to Hearn

One of the most interesting fights in 2021 in the boxing world was announced on Monday. However, the news scales were so big that only the most attentive fans saw that the announcement was unusually poor. Later, Eddie Hearn explained that there were plenty of details to be agreed upon before the bout happened. Traditionally, among the major items to be dealt with are the place of the battle and, therefore, the amount of money the hosting side can suggest. Thankfully, a two-fight clash and approximate dates were agreed upon.

What were the former obstacles of the Fury vs. Joshua fight?

First of all, both fighters have mandatory opponents to protect their belts, which has become a harder issue due to pandemic delays. For instance, AJ had to face Oleksandr Usyk as the interim WBO opponent, and the Ukrainian fighter didn't want to step aside. Nonetheless, the WBO decided to force former cruiserweight champion and organize the bout with Joe Joyce, which was a clear signal that Joshua would be available for a unification bout.

Tyson Fury had even a more scalable reason to postpone his unification plans. Thus, the Gypsy King has a signed deal with Deontay Wilder and had to complete a trilogy fight with the former WBC champion. However, according to the news, the "Bronze Bomber" was trying to postpone the revenge bout, so Fury said "enough" to Wilder at some moment.

Can there be any other obstacles?

Even though Hearn explained two major problems, they can be enough to cancel the bout. Both AJ and the Gypsy King are seeking a 9-digit offer, which can be a problem during a global pandemic. While both fighters are Britishers, Fury has already announced his desire to move to the US market. Although it doesn't seem to be a major obstacle, the bout place's agreement and the appropriate amount of money suggested by the host side can still influence the situation.

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