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Fury Plans to Have his Farewell Fight in 2020

28 October 2019, 13:31
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Former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury shares information when he is about to end his boxing career. The 31-year-old British does not plan to have any fights after 2020.

Fury Plans to Have his Farewell Fight in 2020

Fury, who will take part for the first time in the WWE wrestling event on October 31, hopes to have three fights in 2020 and then end his professional career. “The Furious One” plans to get in the ring to face Wilder in February and June and then he is likely to have a farewell fight in December next year. The British sportsman claims that boxing is for young fighters. Taking into account that the boxer is already thirty-one, he does not want to be in the ring longer than he needs to.

Besides, Fury wants to spend more time with his wife and five children. He says that he has been making a number of sacrifices all his life and now his family deserves more attention.

It is noteworthy that Fury has recently shocked his supporters having claimed he would take part in the WWE event and face Braun Strowman. Despite the fact that the boxer’s promoter Frank Warren advised him to reject the proposal in order to avoid injuries, “The Furious One” accepted the offer.

As mentioned earlier, McGregor has claimed that he wants to return to the cage but UFC does not want to give him a fight.

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