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Fury and Whyte Are Interested in Facing Ngannou

14 April 2021, 12:55
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The heavyweight title-holder Francis Ngannou can realize his dream of being a boxer and face either Tyson Fury or Dillian Whyte in the ring, as both fighters have made clear hints. Login Casino follows the most interesting sports news in fighting, explaining a fresh case.

Fury and Whyte Are Interested in Facing Ngannou

While the public discusses conditions of the UFC's heavyweight title bout between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, the latter has received a few interesting options to earn money. Right after the "Predator" visited Mike Tyson's podcast and shared a common photo on Twitter, he received a provocative comment from Tyson Fury.

The British WBC belt holder tagged Ngannou, saying he would roast Francis after Antony Joshua. Also, the "Gypsy King" called Francis Ngannou an "easy work" for him, provoking the French-Cameroonian fighter for the clash. Francis was also quite tricky with a response, showing Fury's destroyed face in the bout against Otto Wallin and saying that he could damage even more. Knowing that the latter is passionate enough to try his forces in the ring, such an exhibition can occur in reality.

Is the Fury vs. Ngannou clash possible?

In recent times, ring clashes between diverse athletes are gaining momentum. Thus, on the upcoming Saturday, the public can see a boxing exhibition between YouTuber Jake Paul and MMA fighter Ben Askren. Actually, if such a clash receives enough public attention, Ngannou and Fury's story can receive a hot continuation.

Another argument towards this new kind of battle came from Eddie Hearn and his heavyweight fighter Dillian Whyte. As the latter has an MMA background, he is ready to face Ngannou even in the octagon. It forced Hearn to review the possibility of organizing a two-stage clash: one in the ring and one in the octagon.

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