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Frontmen Make Difference in Derby Match: Inter Beats Milan

27 January 2021, 11:18
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The quarterfinal game of Coppa Italia between Inter and Milan was a promising event. In practice, it became even more tense with major superstars to be involved in the dramatic match. As usual, Login Casino follows the most interesting sports news in football, now describing the hot Milan derby.

Frontmen Make Difference in Derby Match: Inter Beats Milan

Matches between Milan and Internazionale are always emotional as both clubs have a great history and are still playing in the same stadium. This year, clubs from the capital of Lombardy are the major competitors in the Serie A race, which shows their good conditions.

Influential Ibrahimovic, emotional Lukaku, and brilliant Eriksen

While the game's beginning was pretty calm and careful, the game was becoming more and more interesting with every next minute. One of the accelerators was a masterful goal by Ibrahimovic on the 31st minute. Closer to the end of the first half, Zlatan and Romelu Lukaku became the two major personalities involved in the emotional altercation, so almost all the partners had to keep them out of the brawl. Even yellow cards didn't stop them, while the especially irritated one was the Belgian striker.

Even though the second half seemed to begin with the active involvement of Lukaku in further opposition, Ibrahimovic changed the disposition by himself. His unneeded foul in the center of midfield against Kolarov forced the referee to book the Swedish veteran for the second time and sent him off. It meant the full domination of Inter in the second half, although "Nerazzurri" found their goals in the tough conditions.

The first mistake was made by the "Rossonerian" forward Leao, who fouled against Barella in the penalty box. Romelu finally converted all his anger in the powerful strike from the spot that landed in the net from the crossbar. Antonio Conte continued making attacking substitutes and was fully right to replace Brozovic with Eriksen.

The latter showed all his class when he found the left top corner from the free-kick. It was the 97th minute of the game, so Milan had no chances to equalize the game. The emotional game finished with Inter's victory, while the game's primary actions were made by the main stars of both clubs. Now Internazionale is waiting for the opponent in the semi-final and is one step closer to the final.

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